The 18th of June


My family and I left the evening church service and came home. It was quite late and dark outside, but the weather was calm, so when my 2 daughters asked to play out in the back garden for a while before bedtime, I let them. My eldest daughter came in telling me she saw writing on the side of the shed.

I thought they were messing about with markers or crayons, but she then said the writing was glowing, and then it eventually faded away!

I asked her to write down what she saw. She wrote down this:

_ . _ -> 20

Is it her imagination or something more? I have no idea. I thought 20 was a year. Next year is 2020. It reminds me of the hangman game, but it would be a lousy game of hangman with only 2 letters!

I prayed and asked God for revelation. 2 days later, I had the following dream.

The Dream

I am outside in an open space, walking on grass. There are people everywhere, minding their own business.

Suddenly glowing lights begin to appear in the sky. They look like lines and dots. A bit like this:

_ . _ . _                                _ . _
                     _ . _ . _ . _

I turn around behind me and see more lights. I turn again to a different part of the sky and see more lights. These lights are all around.

Everyone I see begins staring up at these lights.

I am thinking that I’m in some sort of rapture dream, but then I begin to make out some shapes in the distance. I look over and can see these shapes start to get closer. It is a vast number of dogs filling the whole horizon from left to right, and they are running towards me and all the other people around me.

Everyone then starts to panic. They turn and run. I join them.

Dogs are fast. Much faster than people (unless you’re Usain Bolt). I know that all these dogs are slowly catching up and will overtake us. I then see a wooden picnic bench table in the distance and get underneath it. Even though it is exposed, and I can be seen, I do this as at least I will have some sort of covering rather than be completely out in the open as I know I will be overrun eventually.

Picnic Bench

Everyone has run beyond me now and the dogs are about to reach where I am. The dogs look vicious and the sheer number of them are such that they cannot be counted.

I expect them to try and attack me under the table, so I get in to position so I can be ready to kick and push them away.

They reach where I am and run past me. I’m not sure why, perhaps they don’t notice me under the picnic table (even though it has no covering and I can be clearly seen). The dogs run on and continue to chase the people.

I can hear people who are still running, but I also hear people laughing. Not sure why this is. Perhaps they can’t see the dogs yet and don’t realise what is about to come upon them.

I dare not turn around. I lie there frozen still, looking as dogs continually run past where I am. It seems unending.

The laughter stops and I can hear people getting bit with increasing severity: “ow”, “Ow!”, “OW!!!!”

Then I start to hear these shouts of pain turn to screams.

I am still waiting for dogs to attack me under the table and get ready to fend them off, but they never come. Still more run past me.

The screams from the people who I can’t see increase in number and severity. They sound horrific.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I hear the voice of a man saying to me “The 18th of June”.


I keep thinking of the phrase “Dogs of war”. I know there is a film of this name. Is there a war coming?

How does the 18th of June tie up with the writing that my daughter saw? If the 20 number was indeed the year, then this will happen on the 18th June 2020.

It could also be that the 20 was not the year but the ending date. This would be a very short war that begins on the 18th and ends 2 days later (on the 20th).