Step 1 - Believe

In order to meet the Lord, you must first believe that He exists.

That sounds like it should be true, but it isn’t. There are many testimonies from people who refused to believe in God (the Father) or Jesus… yet the Lord suddenly appeared to them! For most of us, that just won’t happen.

Unfortunately, I can’t conjure up the almighty God and show Him to you (although I’m sure even that won’t convince some people).

You want to see proof! But what proof is there? Proof is all around us, but many would just not accept that type of proof. That is…

  • Believing in something based on what someone said, saw and heard (a witness)
  • Believing in something based on some unexplainable natural phenomenon (abstract)

No - you want cold, hard, undisputable and worldly facts! You want to KNOW that God exists.

At least you want proof. Many do not. Imagine a court case where the defendant was found guilty or innocent without the jury being presented with a shred of evidence. It sounds ridiculous, but that is exactly what many people do when they make their minds up on whether God is real or not. They make a judgement based on nothing more than a gut feeling. Or worse, some believe that they are already perfectly informed of the facts or there is just no need to know because it is so obvious that there is no such thing as God so why waste any time!

What is written here is not for those people. They won’t consider the facts that they have not yet been told but you have a mind that wants to know what these facts are. A mind that is able to take in information (in the form of undisputable facts) and come to a conclusion based on the evidence. Whatever the outcome, at least you’ve allowed yourself to be informed before making that decision.

To get your factoid juices flowing, consider the earth…

Earth in space It is the only habitable planet that we know of. Yes, there have been discoveries of new planets very far away that have been described as "earth-like", but even these planets have massive temperature variations and a whole lot of other stuff going on that we would need a serious amount of technology and assistance just to survive there. The earth is unique in how life can thrive upon it without the need for special equipment and imported resources.

Now you may well agree that the earth is unique, but that in itself is not proof of an almighty creator. We could be just lucky! You could argue the unknown limits of the universe make it a certainty that this was bound to happen somewhere eventually!

This logic seems reasonable. We can’t prove the uniqueness of earth based solely on the things that make it possible for us to exist here as we ourselves are the very product of those things. The Earth, while undoubtedly special, can’t be proven to be unique as we have not explored every corner of the universe.

At the very least, based on what we know, we can say the Earth is very, very special because it can support life. However, what if there were other unexplainable phenomenon or properties that the Earth has that do not exist on any other planet that we know and where these properties have absolutely nothing to do with the formation and support of intelligent life? If life on Earth is a fluke, how much more of a fluke that these extra special things also happen to be on the very same planet that hosts intelligent life?

The moon that orbits the planet Earth is 400 times smaller than the sun which the Earth orbits. The distance between Earth and the sun is also 400 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the moon. So the fact that the difference between the size of the moon and sun is the of the same magnitude of the difference in distance between each one from the Earth results in something that happens on the Earth that does not happen in any other planet that we know of. That thing is a perfect total solar eclipse.

Viewing a total solar eclipse from Earth enables the viewer to see the whole of the sun covered by the moon with just the corona showing at the moment of totality. If the moon or sun was any bigger or small, or if either were closer or further away, then this just would not be possible. Other planets have eclipses, but despite all the other moons around all the other planets, none have the perfect fit that our planet does with our moon and our star. In itself, it is quite a fluke, yet it has nothing to do with the formation of life on a planet. So how much more of a fluke is the Earth when you consider it has both this AND intelligent life.

Below is a link to a page on the official NASA web site which confirms both the 400 times size difference and 400 distance factor described above.

To have the only planet in the solar system where we can view spectacular total solar eclipses makes the earth unique. Multiply on to that the fact that it is also the only planet in the universe that contains and sustains intelligent life shows that the earth is not only incredibly special, but is well beyond the limits of any fluke!

Mind blown? What if I told you that we are just scratching the surface? There are even more amazing things that are even more irrefutable than this.

When you come to make your mind up about if God exists, or if Jesus is real, then it may help to see some other amazing pieces of evidence below that much of the world doesn’t even know exists.

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