Samson Fast Prophecy

My wife and I were watching the film “Samson”. It has been a while since I read the book of Judges in the old testament, so was interested in watching the movie to rekindle some of the scriptures I had stored away in the old memory store.

As I watched the movie, it resonated with me how Samson always seemed to have to be put in a situation before he relied on God. Like in the film, rather than battle the Philistines, he surrendered to them in order to appease them so his Father would be released (which doesn’t seem to tie up with scripture, but perhaps the makes of the film thought they should enhance the story in their own way).

It was only when they killed Samson’s Father and told him that they would kill and burn his village that he was overcome with anger and went on to slay 1000 of the Philistine army (with the jawbone of a donkey no less).

Towards the end of the film, Delilah cut his hair and he lost his strength. The Philistines came and gouged out his eyes and threw him in prison with his brother. Again, there are a few deviations from scripture, but nothing of major concern. As Samson was in the prison cell, blinded and tortured. Samson was completely broken. It was only then – after he had lost all that he had – did he seem to be ready to do the Lord’s will. Again, this is not in scripture, but simply because something is not in scripture, does not mean that it might not be relevant, and for me it was very relevant. That night I prayed and sought the Lord in what to do with my slow progress and asked of Him if it would take me to lose everything like Samson did before I would eventually be ready and willing to do my Lord wants me to?

I had it in my heart to devote myself to the Lord. To do a 3-day dry fast, and even to give my whole weekend to the Lord. It was a Thursday, and I was off on Friday and so I would break my fast on a Sunday night and have to go back to work on the Monday. After battling my conscience for a while and saying to myself that this is not required, I decided in my heart I was going to do it. God is more important than my food and drink, and more important then my weekends. The football team I support also play in the FA Cup on Sunday. I do not have the sports channels, but this match is on “normal TV” so I could finally watch a game at home. I decided to miss that game also as God is more important than Liverpool FC.

Once the commitment was made, I went to bed. That night, God gave me the most amazing dream. I was in a hall and saw someone I knew from work. This person works for one of my company’s clients and I have not seen them for years. They came over to me and we started talking. I asked them if they were 49 years old. They told me they were 55 years old. They also told me that they had a heart attack and then proceeded to tell me about pains they had in their legs.

I then saw myself in a large tent with tables and men sitting around the tables. They appeared to be soldiers relaxing and having some food and I was talking to 4 at one table and witnessing to them. I spoke to them about the realities of hell and pouring my heart out to them. It was like I actually knew how terrible hell is and was desperately pleading with them to see the urgency and danger of their situation. It reminded me of how Paul said he served with “many tears”, as if he himself knew the fate of those who reject Christ, it drove him to preach the truth of judgement with great compassion and much pleading.

It was an amazing experience and one that I’ve went over a few times in my mind. I did some research online and found that leg pain leading to a heart attack is a sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). I believe this person I dreamt about has PAD and will soon have a heart attack.

Now, the question remains, how do I know if this dream is from the Lord? Going and saying to someone I haven’t seen in years that they have PAD and will soon have a heart attack and to try and lead them to Christ is going to shake them up a bit. If they see a doctor and find they don’t have PAD then it may actually put them off the gospel and bring it in to disrepute.

I asked for God for wisdom in this, and then I realised that this was why God gave me the person’s age. From my dream I know they are 55 years old. If I tell them they are 55 and they confirm, then I know the dream is from the Lord. If they say they aren’t 55 then I can still witness to them and enquire about their legs, but be cautious and not tell them they have PAD or will have a heart attack (unless they confirm they have leg pain).

The Bible says to test the spirit and there is wisdom in making sure you are speaking for the Lord and from another spirit or your own imagination. The Lord knows our limitations, but I do not believe faith is blind. God will confirm things to us or give us a way of confirming things that we should do before we jump in (or foolishly rush in where angels fear to tread).

I am now waiting to see this person that I haven’t seen in years. When I do, I will post an update whether the dream was true or not.

Praise the Lord!