Various Testimonies

29 October 2022

holy spirit

You are dead!

25 September 2022

video you tube evangelism

Not Showing That Card and Holy Spirit Transformation

21 June 2022

holy spirit

Samson Fast Prophecy

24 January 2021

dream prophecy word witnessing

Failure to witness

11 January 2021

lost evangelism

It is time to preach the gospel.

02 January 2021

evangelism providence

Shouting for Fish

21 April 2020

dream fishing shouting evangelism outreach

One Ton

04 March 2020

dream horse chinese asian prophecy

Miracle Healing

31 January 2020

miracle appointment healing shoulder

More Spiritual Attacks

20 January 2020

spiritual attack prey prayer

Missed Appointment

15 January 2020

miracle appointment healing finger prey prayer

Mini Miracle

10 January 2020

miracle healing ear

Setting the Captives Free

27 December 2019

dream vision captives free rescue house strongman

Charcoal Dream

12 December 2019

dream vision charcoal dig deep effort

Careful What You Pray For

06 December 2019

words wisdom knowledge pray prayer

Parable of the Boastful Servant

21 October 2019

words wisdom parable teachings servants pride arrogance humble

The 18th of June

08 October 2019

dream vision rapture dogs lights sky war

A Man in Blue and the Leafy Bushes

05 September 2019

dream vision blue liver leafy green bushes

Spiritual Attacks and a Cosmic Journey

20 August 2019

dream spiritual warfare attack lucid temptation spirits harvest

Imran Khan

20 August 2019

dream horn politics war

Wisdom in Generosity and Hospitality

31 July 2019

dream wisdom hospitality charity

The Short Prayer

29 June 2019

words prayer short wisdom

Ark of the Covenant Found

20 June 2019

dream ark covenant israel temple trees

Eating the Word

04 June 2019

words wisdom parable teachings bible word

End Time Deception

02 June 2019

dream vision prophecy endtimes deception

Meeting Jesus

25 April 2019

dream vision yeshua jesus christ yasher jasher

The Beach

23 March 2019

dream vision beach straight yasher jasher

Keeping Sabbath

26 January 2019

dream sabbath wisdom church honesty

The First Miracle

14 January 2019

miracle healing prayer


31 December 2018