Ark of the Covenant Found


The Dream

I see some trees close together, 6 in 3 rows of 2. The branches of trees are not evenly spread. They all stretch over to a central point between the 2 rows of trees. Some of the branches from both sides touch and overlap over this central point, forming a cover. Like the picture above (never was much of an artist), except the branches leaned more in to the center point. Even the outside branches curved inwards.

People look at the trees and how they converge over a point. They then begin to wonder about them. They know there is something special about the place over where the branches converge.

Eventually some people take shovels and begin digging under the point where the tree branches are converging.

The ark of the covenant is found under the ground at that point. I see many people rejoicing.


In Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis, there were 7 thin cows and 7 fat cows. Then 7 heads of corn. These all represented years.

The baker and cupbearer in Genesis also had dreams where one saw 3 baskets and the other saw 3 branches. These also represented years.

Could the 6 trees represent 6 years? If this interpretation is correct, then the ark of the covenant will be found 6 years after this dream (in 2025)!

The trees were not bearing fruit and the trees are covering the place where the ark is. This could represent ungodly people who are purposefully keeping the ark hidden and preventing it from being found. They might not be hiding the ark, but possibly they they know where it is, but are just letting it remain there undiscovered.

The people in the dream start to notice. They notice because of the trees covering the spot so perhaps the efforts of those people who are trying to keep it hidden will backfire, and they will inadvertantly cause people to go and dig around and look for it where it is hidden!