A Man in Blue and the Leafy Bushes


This occurred early in the morning. It was a strange experience as I was awake while it happened. Maybe this is the difference between a dream and a vision. I am only speculating as I don’t know.

The Vision

I’m in a street with various people walking about and a man is looking for someone and calling out their name. He is looking for someone called “Jim” (or possibly “James” - it was hard to hear as I was quite far off).

The man looks like he has given up calling for this other man. Just then I see a tall man dressed in blue, and with a blue hat, come out of a building and stand right next to the man.

I somehow know that this is the man that the other man is looking for and I shout to the other man.

ME: There he is, that’s him!

The man in blue hears me point him out and starts to walk away. He is reluctant to hear what we are going to say.

I then see these 5 green shrubs or bushes. They are very green and healthy looking. Extremely leafy, almost glowing. 4 are hunched together. The fifth one is separate from the 4.

I go over to the 4 and the leaves are alive and lean into me, almost like the branches are embracing me. I then feel the fifth one, that was separate from the 4 come up to behind me. This bush has actually moved up close to the rest of the group and its leaves are also entangling me, embracing me from behind.

I shout over to the man in blue, imploring him to come over, because these bushes are good for the liver (I was thinking of eating the leaves).

Partial Fulfilment

2 confirmations from the one vision! I know a few people called Jim/James. It is probably going to be one of the following.

1: Someone that I do not know

The following Sunday, my other half spotted a blue hat in the church. She didn’t tell me about it at the time, but I asked Pastor B about it and he said that he was given it. The man who gave him it was called Jim, but also known as James. He is just about to leave on a trip to Israel. I’ve not met this person but maybe I will soon enough.

2: My soon to be father-in-law (who is called Jim even though his legal name is James)

A fortnight after the vision, we were all on holiday in Menorca and he was wearing all blue and turned to me and Leigh and said all he needed now was a blue hat. Leigh just looked at me in amazement (I had shared this vision with her before this happened).

If in either case there is any trouble with a liver, then I think the green leafy bushes (possibly leaders in the church) will be able to heal the person, but they must be willing to receive healing. The fact this person was walking away and didn’t want to hear what we had to say suggests to me it is the latter person.

1 of the 5 leafy bushes was separate. They had really good green leaves, so this suggests they are people who are good. However, 1 is not with the group. So there is a group of 4 people. I seem to join them and am accepted by them. Then the one who was separate joins the group bringing the total to 6.