Meeting Jesus


Meeting Jesus is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. A better description is given in my testimony which you can see by clicking here. It all started when I had this dream…

The Dream

I am in a place with many people. They don’t seem to share any similar characteristics. I would say they are not of any specific race or creed.

I get into conversation with someone wearing a white turban. We debate about his beliefs. I am under the impression that he is multi-religious, in that he is a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist etc.

Rather than focus on all his religions, I seem to focus on his Muslim religion. Not because the other religions are valid or because being Muslim was worse than the other religions, it just made sense to pick one for the purposes of the conversation rather than mention all of them.

I tell him can’t be both Christian and Muslim. He challenges me why he can’t.

A lot of people are listening to us debate. I get the feeling that every one of them is following this same mixed religion (is this a vision of the future - will there be a mash of religions?).

I answer him by stating that Muslims reject the divinity of Christ. That they don’t see Him as being the son of God. Also, they reject his resurrection as they believe He didn’t really die during His crucifixion.

While the person I’m talking to remains calm, I get a sense that those around us are becoming agitated at what I’m saying.

I continue to tell him that following Christ is not compatible with other religions. You can mix up all the religions of the world if you want to, but you can’t mix Jesus Christ with these belief systems. I remember telling him that he is “diluting the blood of Christ”.

The people around me are now really angry, and I get a feeling that the situation has become dangerous. It is at this point I wake up.

Waking Up

It is about 4am and my hands are tingling, like they’ve “went to sleep” (or some use the terms “pins and needles”). It isn’t the same feeling as my hands going to sleep. It is the anointing of God that I feel (usually I get this when I’m in church and worshipping). Except the feeling is incredibly strong and intense, I feel like my hands are about to explode and wonder what is going on.

Being Taken Up To Heaven

I don’t remember falling asleep, but I am suddenly in a bright place. I’m sat at a large white table. Other people are sat around the table. I would estimate between 12 and 18 people. I did not take much notice of them because of the person standing at the head of the table. It is Jesus!

We’re all looking towards Him. It is quiet. Jesus breaks the silence.

JESUS: Who will have the land of Jasher?

It is silent again. Is he offering land to one of us? If I say “Yes”, do I get it? Should I say “Yes”? Maybe Jasher is not such a good place. I may regret saying “Yes” as he might offer a better place next. It might be wise to keep quiet. I look around and it appears that everyone is thinking the same. We’re all quite puzzled and cautious as we’re not sure of what is happening.

Eventually someone speaks up.

RANDOM MAN AT TABLE: What is so special about the land of Jasher?

Jesus raises his hand slightly and points his index finger up and answers.

JESUS: A prophet knows!

I look around and can see everyone else is still none the wiser. Some people are asking others in the group if there is a prophet in the room, so they can ask him. I don’t know myself.

Jesus starts walking around from the front of table to my side. I’m just over halfway down the side of the table and He says loudly:

JESUS: Someone in this room.

It becomes clear that the previous question “Who will have the land of Jasher?” was not Him asking who WANTS it, but rather who HAS it. He starts to walk slowly from the front of the table to my side. I am hunched forward on the table and focusing on my hands, thinking “please don’t come over, please – please – please, not me”. It is that feeling of inadequacy, what does He want with me? Who am I that He should come to me? I feel like an imposter and that I shouldn’t even be there!

He is getting closer, right to where I’m sitting. I hear His footsteps and then they stop and there is silence. I get the feeling he is right behind me and looking right at me, but I keep focusing on my hands in front of me. I’m just in total awe, and I don’t know where to look. It is almost unbearable. Eventually, I turn around to Him and blurt out:

ME: Is it me?

I felt like I put my foot in my mouth. But I said that just to break the silence. I just want out of there.

It is strange, but I seem to know that He knows what I’m thinking, and that I feel I’ve made a right fool of myself. But He’s just smiling at me (possibly finding it funny).

Next thing I feel myself falling back into my body. Not from a great height, like from a few inches above where I am lying, and I can feel this amazing energy all around me. I fall into my body, but I don’t wake up as I’m already wide awake. The energy in the room and around me is still there and it feels awesome.

My eyes are closed and I’m aware where I am but can still feel this amazing energy around me. I don’t want to open my eyes and get up. I keep my eyes shut, almost like I’m pretending that I’m not yet back in my body. I’m foolishly thinking that if I pretend I’m not back in my body then the feeling (the holy spirit?) will stay. The feeling eventually starts to fade away.

Back To Reality - The Confirmation

I’ve never heard the word Jasher before so begin to look up what it means. It means “Upright” or “Righteous” in Hebrew. Months later, I find that Jasher is actually Yasher, which means “Straight”. So “Land of Jasher/Yasher” is actually “Land of Upright/Straight”.

I had a dream a month before of this amazing place where everything was straight. Now I have this encounter with the Lord where He uses a phrase that was completely unknown to me but matches what I saw in my previous dream. Amazing!