The Beach

The Dream

I emerge from darkness, like I am coming out of a long dark tunnel. I can hear people behind me in the tunnel. It is the sounds of life, people talking, kids playing etc.

As I emerge from the darkness, I find myself standing on a raised platform overlooking the most amazing beach. I can see far off in the distance to the left and the right. The beach goes on forever in both directions. I want to turn around to tell people to come up and see this amazing and beautiful place, but I don’t (or perhaps I am unable to for some unknown reason).

I look around and notice that everything is straight. The horizon is obviously straight, but the sea on the shore is also straight. It laps the shoreline in a straight line all the way from where I am standing into the distance on either side of me. The boundary where the sand meets a grass verge is also straight, again all the way into the distance on either side of me. It seems to go on forever. Vegetation is planted in a straight line all the way in the distance too.

Everything is completely straight, yet it doesn’t look odd or strange, it looks perfect.