Shouting for Fish


I’m walking down a street. At the end of the street is a large river and the water’s edge is just off a kerb (like a main road is a river). The river is still and not flowing. I pick up a fishing rod and start to fish.

Nothing happens and I feel like I’ve been there for ages. Feeling frustrated, I get up and peer over the kerb and into the deep water trying to see if there are any fish swimming about. I can’t see any.

I then hear someone tell me to call the fish. I stick my head in the water and shout as loud as I can. I’m not saying anything specific. My shouts sound like noises rather than words. A bit like the sound a whale makes.

After shouting a few times, I lift my head out of the water. Still peering into the deep water, I wait to see if any fish arrive. Suddenly I start to see a few fish appear.

I turn around to get the fishing rod. I pick it up and when I turn back to the water’s edge, I can see a fish is lying on its side on the ground, outside of the water. It must have jumped out by itself. The fish is big and brightly coloured. It also has a handle on it! It looks kind of like a kettle bell. I go over and pick it up by the handle. An easy catch!

I then throw the line in and immediately get a bite and haul out another huge fish. This one doesn’t have a handle. I carry it under my other arm and start to walk away with the 2 fishes.


Jesus commanded us to make disciples. I have asked some people who have done this before if I could go out with them. This is just to watch and learn. Unfortunately, no one I’ve asked has been out on a mission and the corona virus has now made this even more unlikely.

In the dream, I didn’t catch any fish because there was none in the water. It was only when I spoke (or shouted) that the fish appeared.

The kettle bell fish didn’t even require me to even throw the line in. It just jumped out on account of my shouting. The 2nd fish took the bait straight away so this seems to suggest that people will be receptive to the gospel and I just need to open my mouth.

Jesus said “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”. I received this dream, but this is for everyone. We need to break through the fear barrier and share the gospel. Bring the message of hope to people and to those who are receptive, the Holy Spirit will do the rest.