Parable of the Boastful Servant


Jesus / Yeshua spoke many parables. They are some of my favourite parts of the New Testament.

A parable came to me after discussing the Lord with someone, but the context is too private a matter to write about. The parable I can write about.

It is not found in scripture. I submit no claims to the origin and leave it up to the reader to judge whether the words below are inspired or are simply the figment of my own imagination. Whatever the outcome, I think it contains an important lesson.

The Parable

A master has many servants.

The master reveals things to one of his servants. Things his servant did not know before. These are things about his master and about his master’s business.

He also entrusts to this servant some special privileges to enable his servant to do special tasks.

A while passes by and this servant has an encounter with another servant.

The servant to whom the master revealed things to, and to who was given special privileges, boasts about this to the other servant. He tells the other servant “What do you know about the master and his business that I do not know?”.

The other servant does not speak out against the boastful servant. Instead, he keeps his counsel and bids the boastful servant well and they depart.

Of the two servants, which one is the greater, and which one is the lesser?


My guess was the one who kept his counsel was the greater servant. The great thing about our God is that He is wise beyond our imagination. The answer came…

It doesn’t matter / It can be both!

So, I had to go and think about this for a while.

This boastful servant lorded it over the other servant, not because this was his master’s purpose, but solely in order that he might exalt himself over another.

If the boastful servant is the lesser

The boastful servant did not realise it, but the humble servant was also given the very same information and the very same privileges!

In fact, the humble servant was given even more privileges than the boastful servant, but he did not reveal it. This was so that he might not inadvertently exalt himself over his fellow servant.

When the master returns, the humble servant who was entrusted with a lot, will be given more.

The boastful servant, the little he has will be taken from him and given to another.

If the boastful servant is the greater

The boastful servant was correct in being greater.

However, when the master returns, he will question the boastful servant on why he boasts of something that was never his in the first place, but rather something that was entrusted to him.

He will humble the proud and arrogant servant that boasted by giving that which he had to another.


We are not here to say who is greater and who is lesser - it doesn’t matter. We should focus on serving God and using what He has given us for His glory alone.

We should treat each other with respect and be careful that we do not exalt ourselves over one another, especially with things that have been given unto us by God. Pride and seeking to exalt one’s self is what caused the fall of Satan.

We may not exalt ourselves over God, but it is a slippery slope to do this even to each other. Especially when all that we have was never ours to begin with but gifted unto us through grace! If anything, we should aim to do the opposite and place ourselves under each others service. For Jesus says…

Matthew 20:16
The last will be first, and the first will be last.

Hold your tongue and let others boast. If anything, be gracious to them and the Lord will exalt you above them should you both serve Him in His kingdom.