Various happenings in the latter half of 2018 (not dated)

Baptism of the holy spirit

I have always believed in the almighty God (the Father) and in His only begotten son: Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). Despite my belief, I was not living life as one who believes should live. This changed towards the end of 2018. I entered a phase of intense repentance that lasted around 3 weeks. At the end of this period I received the baptism of the holy spirit. I recorded a testimony of what that felt like, why I believed it happened and how it came about. You can see it by clicking here.

What isn’t included in my testimony is that immediately after that experience everything changed. I started having dreams and getting weird sensations and strange encounters. For the weeks immediately after that moment, my mind was changed and I felt like I was constantly praying. It felt like silent thoughts and praises were over-flowing out of the top of my head and upwards towards the almighty God. This was constant and it continued even when I tried to sleep at night. I would lie there awake for hours with my mind filled and over-flowing. On some occasions my thoughts turned to intense feelings of mourning and sadness for the sinful nature of the world. I was overcome with grief at how the vast majority of people in this world disregard their creator and commit these awful sins against themselves and each other. This all started from that single point in time and it went on for over a week.

Hearing the voice of the Lord

I was on my own, reading the book of Revelation, when I heard this loud and audible voice. The sound seemed to emanate from the front of my forehead. The voice told me something about a person I was thinking of as I read a piece of scripture. The voice was authoritative, yet gentle. This voice spoke clearly and precisely. It was the Lord and He spoke the answer to a question that I had not yet asked!

I was doing some studying on end times prophecies and conducting my own research in some of the scripture in Revelation. I was reading about the kings in Revelation 10.

Revelation 17:10-11
They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for only a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.

The seventh king “remains only a little while” and then there is an eighth king, who goes to his destruction. I always understood that the Papacy was the harlot, or prostitute that rides the beast. In the Bible, a woman symbolises a church (hence the bride of Christ is the church). A woman who sells her body is a prostitute, so the harlot is a woman who is a church but not the virgin woman which is the true church of Jesus Christ, but is that of another church. A church that is all about selling religion and obtaining wealth. In the old testament, the Israelites were spoken about being unfaithful to God when they “prostituted” themselves by worshipping idols and bowing down to the Gods of other nations.

This ties in with a future dream I had where people were Christians but were also Muslims and Buddhists etc too. It is pointing to a unified religion. I didn’t know this at the time, but during this period I started wondering about Pope Francis and looking at when the Vatican became a sovereign nation.

There have been many popes, but these popes were not kings. This is because a king is the sovereign of a state. The Vatican, for most of history, was not a self-governing state. It was part of Italy. That changed in 1929 when it became its own sovereign state.

I began to do some research (in other words, I had a look on Wikipedia) and discovered that since the Vatican became its own nation state, there have been exactly 8 popes! As the Vatican is now its own nation state, these popes are effectively kings (sovereigns). Before 1929, they were not kings. So Pope Francis is the eighth king of the Vatican!

Interesting thing to note is that Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict, resigned from his position as Pope. All other popes, both before and after the Vatican became a state, were all popes until death. The 7th pope, Benedict, seems to be the first (and only) pope to have left office alive. If the current pope is indeed the eighth king in Revelation, then this would tie in perfectly with the prophecy in Revelation that the 7th king remains “a little while”. Unlike previous popes, he remains alive while the current 8th pope reigns! This has never before happened in history and it aligns exactly with what is written in Revelation!

When this was revealed to me, I started believing that Francis really is the 8th king from Revelation. At that moment I heard a voice. It was clear and loud, and it had a message that was brief and to the point. It didn’t deny, nor confirm my thoughts. The voice said “I will use him for my purposes, and he will accomplish the plans that I set out before him.”. I sat in silence, stunned at hearing what I believe is the voice of the Lord.


After a while, I noticed tingling sensations in my hands. These always intensified during worship and prayer. There are many spiritual gifts, and one is the gift of healing. I suspect it may be a healing gift but I do not know how to exercise it or even if that is what it is. I am waiting for the Lord to give me revelation and understanding in this and so must patiently endure in the meantime.

Unusual happening

I was working from home and in the house on my own. At lunchtime I went to make something to eat. I sat down at the table and was about to start eating and then thought about God. I don’t normally say grace but in that moment, I had the inclination to do so. Suddenly a huge thunderclap came from nowhere from an empty space in the other side of the kitchen. It sounded a bit like when you blow into a large bag of crisps and twist the end, trapping the air inside and then slamming your palm in to the blown up bag to make a large bang. I have no idea what the noise was, but I didn’t feel worried or afraid.