Mini Miracle

My fiancé was complaining of having a sore ear. It’s been going on a few days now but that night we were watching “The Gospel of John”. I looked over and saw her in pain. She was holding her ear. I had sympathy for her and then got that electric feeling in my hands again.

I thought to myself, “it’s just a sore ear, it’ll be alright in the morning” and the manifestation I felt in my hands started to fade away.

It’s amazing how we are our own worst enemies. It doesn’t matter if it is a sore ear or a missing limb; God can be glorified in small miracles just as much as the big ones and it isn’t up to us to judge what is worthy of His intercession.

As the feeling disappeared, I sat watching the TV thinking I should have done something. And then I thought that even though the feeling had gone, I should still try. So, I asked “Do you believe the Lord can heal your ear?”.

She laughed, seemingly because I was so serious (which is not like me). I said I was serious and told her to come over.

I put my right hand over her ear and said, “In Jesus name, let this ear be healed”. I then felt the power in my right-hand return, and we sat in silence for about half a minute.

I took my hand away and asked if her ear was still sore. She sat up and put her hand to her ear, poking it with her finger. She then started to laugh again… “It’s gone!”.

Praise the Lord! Nothing is too big for Him, and in this case, nothing is too small either. I wasn’t going to post this as it seemed such a small thing, but it wouldn’t be right to exclude it because it is small in my own limited viewpoint. It isn’t small. I could not heal the ear or take the pain away so how can I call this a small thing if I am unable to do anything about it myself!