One Ton


I am in a large hotel trying to pay for a drink and there is a large banquet around me with many people who seem to be important (either high ranking citizens or possibly celebrities). I pay for the drink and sit down near the open kitchen where there are a lot of Asians working (I think they are Chinese). The chefs in the kitchen then form a conga line and start to make their way out of the kitchen. As they are leaving, they are carrying bags of food for people to take off them as they leave. I take a bag and try some of the food. It tastes good.

I am then no longer in the hotel but can see the open sky and there is a large bronze (or possibly gold) horse in the clear blue sky. The form of the horse is like a puzzle that has not been solved. For instance, it looks like it has 8 legs rather than 4 but this is because each leg is split vertically in 2, with each half leg joined with a set of hinges. Then each of the half legs swing around on their hinges and come together to form whole legs. This happens on all 8 half legs, which completes 4 whole legs. Then the horse is complete, and it starts to walk across the sky.

I am looking at the horse from directly underneath. The horse is called “One Ton”. I know this because as the horse is coming together, and also as it walks across the sky, there is a dramatic theme tune playing and the name “One Ton” is constantly repeated in the music. “One Ton! One Ton! One Ton!”.


I note the name “One Ton” is like “Wonton”, the Chinese word for dumpling (as in Wonton soup). This makes me believe these 2 parts of the dream are inextricably linked.

The chefs are feeding the people with good food. This could reflect the growing church in China, which is sending out missionaries to the world.

Still currently praying for the interpretation and waiting / watching for fulfilment.

UPDATE 28-04-20: This morning it came in to my head that “One Ton” may actually be chinese. A word or phrase. Unfortunately, you can’t simply type “One Ton” in a translater service as they are not Chinese characters. I did manage to find that 万 is “Wàn” and this in Chinese means “Ten Thousand”. But what about the rest of it?

UPDATE 31-10-22: As I was making breakfast this morning, my eldest daughter came down the stairs singing “One Ton, One Ton, One Ton”. I immediately picked up on it and asked her why she was saying it and where did she get it from and she just said she didn’t know and isn’t sure why she is saying / singing it. I asked her if it is “One Ton” (being really specific about the pronounciation), and she is saying its not “One Ton”, but “Wan Ton” she is saying. I still have no clue about what it means, but whatever it is, I think it is going to find its fulfilment now. I have a few thoughts on interpretation, but it is pure guess work, so not going to share them. Just going to wait and see what happens!