Spiritual Attacks and a Cosmic Journey


For over a week now I’ve been having dreams on an almost daily basis. They all have 1 thing in common: temptation.

As an example, I remember in one of these dreams I was shaking the hand of a man who had a ridiculously huge jewelled ring. When our hands separated, his ring fell into my hand and he quickly turned around and started to walk away. This was an easy temptation to resist, I didn’t want his ring, so tried to give it back to him, but he wasn’t really listening to me. It took some effort to get him to finally realise that he “dropped” his ring into my hand during our handshake.

However, I wasn’t so successful in resisting temptation in other dreams. It seemed that caving into a temptation in one dream caused all the subsequent dreams to be repeats of the very same temptation (but in slightly different situations). These dreams annoyed me because it seemed unfair to be responsible for my actions when I’m asleep. Hence, I don’t think that these dreams were from God, but likely came from elsewhere.

They don’t share any of the characteristics of dreams I have had in the past that I’m sure came from God.

  • They aren't strong dreams (kind of fuzzy, not as easy to recollect)
  • They don't seem to serve any purpose other than try to annoy and discourage (and affect my sleep)

I didn’t actively pray that these dreams would stop, but I was likely praying inwardly against these dreams, as they were starting to take their toll.

Last night I had another one of these dreams. In my dream I remember thinking “Here we go again…”, but this one was different: I was lucid!

The Dream

I was in a garden and there is a girl who is trying to engage me in conversation. As I am lucid, I know I don’t want anything to do with her, as whatever it is, it will likely be some sort of trap or temptation.

I start to become aware of 2 lights. One bright yellowish white light to my right, and another darker blue light to my left. They are shining in my eyes and I don’t know what they are. They seem to be behind solid objects (fences etc), but for some reason I can see them like they are in front of the objects.

Static Lights

I brush past the girl and attempt to go around the object that is in front of the yellow light (in this case it was a fence). As I come around the object, the light is still in the same position. I would then have to go behind another object to reach it.

I start walking towards the yellowish light. No matter how much I move towards it, it seems static. I am not getting closer to it. It is like my movements make no difference. This light is always in the same place and is the same size and distance from me. It is almost like it is on a different plane of existence, so my movements can never change where I am in relation to it. I am not able to get to it, so I start to focus on it to see what it is before saying “What is that?” out loud.

Suddenly, the yellow light I am focusing on comes towards me at great speed, increasing in size until my vision is filled with light.

The Journey

The next thing I know I can see stars and feel like I’m flying through space. Except it is not me in control, the flightpath is not one of my choosing. It feels like I’m being carried.

I then see 2 strange holes in this white structure. The holes are round and smooth (like the inside of a donut). I don’t know how or why, but I seem to know that “they are for the harvest”.

Soul Container

I seem to understand that these are where souls will be stored (perhaps while waiting for judgement).

This next bit I do not know. This is my own thought. It is interesting that there are 2 holes. Is one for those who are redeemed in Christ and the other for those that aren’t? I have no idea!

I am then thrown in to one.

I am not able to get out. I feel like I’m in a box and I’m pressing at the side of this wall trying to get out, but it is no use. I can’t go up out the top. I don’t know why or what is stopping me. I got in easy enough, but even though the top is open, I can’t seem to go back out that way.

The next thing I know I wake up in bed and there is a massive bright light to the left of me in my room. I try and turn towards it but I can’t move my body, like my mind is awake but my body is still asleep. I remember trying my best and using all my strength to turn over to the left to where this light is but my body just doesn’t respond.

I don’t know if I did sleep again or if my body awoke but I then become fully awake and the normality of life resumes.


I believe the 2 lights were angels or some sort of spiritual beings.

It is possible that they were always there watching me in these dreams to see how I would respond to different things, and the Lord made me lucid and opened my eyes in my dream to make me aware of them.

Or they showed up to put a stop to all the nonsense that was going on in my sleep and end the spiritual attacks.

Since that happened, I have never had any more of those annoying dreams where I am being put in to all sorts of tempting situations.

Thanks, and praise the Lord that I can now get some sleep!