Miracle Healing

3 days ago, I had a dream. There were 2 huge cogs on a wall. They were rotating inward into each other. A man was standing opposite the cogs, facing away from them. He took a few steps back and walked into the cogs. As the cogs were rotating inwards, his shoulder got caught in the teeth of the cogs and jammed the cogs. The man started to pull hard to get away but was not able to. Eventually the man was able to pull his shoulder out, but his shoulder was mangled in the process.

Today, I went to a flat in a housing estate near where I live to see some people. One the people in this flat was wearing their work clothes. Their place of work can be cold and so he had all these layers on and a coat. I found this strange as the heating was on and the flat was warm and cosy.

The people in the flat all decide to sit out on a small balcony to have a smoke. They are all smoking “funny cigarettes” and having a few drinks. I start to talk to them about Jesus, and they are all receptive (except one).

One of them starts to complain about the pain in his shoulder. I remembered my dream from the other night. He says he needs to go to a doctor, and I tell him Jesus is a doctor and can heal his shoulder.

They finish smoking and go back in. The one with the sore shoulder sits in the living room of this tiny flat. I have a feeling that the holy spirit is leading me to place my hands on his shoulder and ask for healing, but I start to doubt again: Would the holy spirit heal someone when they are stoned and half-cut?

This time my memory of past regrets come flooding back (see previous post “Missed Appointment”). It is not up to me to say what state someone can be in to receive healing. The truth is I am making an excuse. I don’t want to do it because I am fearful of it not working and looking stupid. I can’t play it safe; I need to believe in what God is doing and step out in faith, so I call him into the kitchen. Another person tags along to see so I now have a spectator.

I tell the person with the sore shoulder to take his jacket off. I’m thinking he has a minor ache, but then I see he is in real agony. He can’t even move his arm to take his coat off (which probably explains why he didn’t take it off when he was in the heat of the living room). He is in that much pain, and I then find out that it is not just his shoulder, but it is also down his right side and in through his back too. This is much bigger than I thought it was.

He turns to the spectator and they talk as he endeavours to get his jacket off. As this point I look up to heaven and whisper a little “Help!”. I have no idea what I’m doing or what to say.

The jacket finally comes off and I put my hands on his shoulder and ask… well what do I ask? I ask, in the name of Jesus, for a brand-new shoulder. I am nervous – this is not normal for me. I start to pray aloud but I mix up my words up and stutter, not sure of what to say or how to say it. At this point I decide to start praying in the spirit and I can feel something start to happen. After a short while I stop speaking and take my hands-off his shoulder and ask him how it is feeling.

He starts to move his arm, slowly at first… almost anticipating the pain. Then he starts to realise, there is no pain. He swings it up and - ouch! The pain is still there, but it is nowhere near as bad as what it was previously. The pain has moved a bit (or perhaps he is aware of a lesser pain now that the greater pain is gone). It is in his neck now. At this point I am buzzing and eager to go again. So, I place my hands on his back and neck and do the same thing.

After that, the pain is gone! He notices a twinge feeling but no pain. Interestingly, he tells me he could feel an electricity type feeling in his back and shoulder as I was praying. I notice that the atmosphere in this very tiny kitchen has changed. The place feels electric and I look over to the spectator who is jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face. The holy spirit was in that tiny kitchen and this person received healing for the pain in their back and shoulder. Amazing - Praise the Lord!