Daniel 11 Prophecy

Proof that God exists: The Daniel 11 Prophecy

Not all, but many prophecies in the bible are to do with single events. Critics could easily say that if you give a cryptic prediction that something is going to happen, and wait over 2000 years, then chances are something remotely similar to what you said was bound to happen.

I disagree of course but understand the point they are making. I can see why they would think that. The best reply is Daniel 11. It is a prophecy that is not cryptic at all. There are no symbols, or strange or hidden meanings. It is plainly spoken and can be interpreted as is. It is also in chronological order, so you can’t just pick random points in history and state it has been fulfilled. Once the first event that was prophesied happens, then there is no going back. The rest of the prophecy must flow from that point on and match exactly the same timeline of history.

It is also worth noting that Daniel died before the initial point of the prophecy was fulfilled. This is God’s awesome timing so we couldn’t say that Daniel himself could have amended part of his writings to match what had happened. The prophecy also stretches all the way to the time of the end, so there is still future events that have yet to be fulfilled.

To aid understanding of the prophecy, I’ve put below what Daniel 11 says, verse by verse, along with a running commentary of what really happened according to the history books. There are links to sources to verify. I’ve only included 1 link per verse, but you can easily find further evidence by doing your own research.

When you see the accuracy of Daniel’s prophecy, then you have to conclude that he either had some magic power to predict the future, or more likely: God is real and revealed events to Daniel (through His messenger) well in advance of those events happening. The scripture and commentary below are side-by-side so you can clearly compare and see the how the prophecy has been fulfilled (at least until the final part which I’ve also included).

Daniel lived from 620 BC to 538 BC. He would’ve been about 82 years old when he died. His prophecy was told toward the end of his life and that is the starting point. The words are not those of Daniel himself, but rather the angel that appeared to him.

Click the START button to progress through the prophecy. You can then use the FORWARD or BACKWARD buttons to read the scripture verse by verse and see how it correlates to what really happened in history.