Numerical Properties in Genesis

The Bible isn’t just any book, but people put it the “religious books” bucket with other books like the Quran. That is a shame because the Bible is nothing like other religious books. This page looks at one aspect of the Bible that sets it apart from other religious books. Really there are many other things that set it apart beyond what is written below.

Moses wrote the first few books of the Bible. Have a look at the following video and consider if whether you think this was really by a man on a mountain somewhere.

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If you still think all of this is just a coincidence then I would encourage you to watch further videos from the channel above and see even more amazing “coincidences”.

No other book, religious or otherwise, has the amazing mathematical and prophetic properties that the Bible has.

This is because the author of the Bible is not merely the people penned the scrolls. It is the holy spirit himself, as

2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture is God-breathed...

Only God could have done this.